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The importance of seo technology in "Taian seo" website optimization

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Today Taian Seo and everyone talk about the importance of Seo technology in website optimization. As an emerging network tool, SEO can not escape the eyes of many businesses that are sensitive to the market. SEO optimization is in various companies. The website construction process undoubtedly played a role.

Today Taian Seo and everyone talk about the importance of Seo technology in website optimization. As an emerging network tool, SEO can not escape the eyes of many businesses that are sensitive to the market. SEO optimization is in various companies. The process of website construction has undoubtedly played a major role. If the construction of the website is the cornerstone, then what are the methods for SEO optimization? Let ’s take a look.


How important is SEO technology in the process of website optimization?

What exactly is SEO optimization? SEO refers to improving the keyword ranking of the website and the exposure of the company's products by optimizing and repairing the website (web structure adjustment, website content construction, website code optimization and coding, etc.) and off-site optimization. Finding information through search engines is the main means for Internet users to find online information and resources.

This is an era of information explosion. It is a headache for people to find the news they need online. If you can publish many summary articles on your website, then such articles can be easily cited by many authoritative and official websites. Then there are website promotion clicks brought by article external links, which are inestimable. When writing such articles, you can directly propose a category, classify or classify narratives according to a certain category, summarize based on relevant data, and finally throw out a clear point of view.

At this time, you need to use SEO website optimization ranking technology. Of course, don't think that SEO is simply to rank your website. What's more important is to make your website have conversions and transactions, which will bring you benefits. This is the perfect display of seo core technology.

All in all, if you want to successfully carry out an SEO optimization promotion, you need not only excellent article quality, but also a higher vision, seeking quality partners, in the inflow and outflow of resources and information, to achieve mutual benefit for both parties. Winning situation, this is the path of ecological development in the Internet wave.

We actually do SEO optimization. Although improving the ranking is the ultimate goal, but to achieve this purpose is to establish a trust relationship with Baidu. Baidu believes that your website quality is OK, then the website ranking will naturally rise and remain stable. Search ranking specialist It is believed that if this trust relationship is not established, even if it can reach the peak for a while, it will be difficult to achieve sustained stability.

Where is the difficulty in website optimization?

First, stagnant optimization technology. You need to know that Baidu's algorithm is constantly updated, so in this environment, your optimization technology will naturally also need to be updated, and supporting Baidu, so that you can move forward with Baidu synchronously. Otherwise, it is naturally difficult to adapt to Baidu's algorithm, and this trust relationship is naturally difficult to build.

Second, black box optimization, want to take shortcuts. You should know that Baidu's intelligence is not what it used to be, and Baidu hopes to provide users with better content and better service experience. However, some optimization staff can't see this. They think that high-quality external links and a large number of advertising soft articles can attract Baidu's attention, but their internal strength cannot be successfully cultivated. For a long time, Baidu thinks that you Doing malicious optimization, but reasonably alienated.

Third, trust cannot be maintained. This is extremely common for websites, because many optimizers have found that after a lot of hard work, the website ranking has been improved, but the ranking stability has not been achieved in the end. This is actually due to the poor persistence of trust, which leads to It is difficult to achieve stable rankings.

Therefore, improving the trust between the website and Baidu is extremely critical.

Specifically, we can proceed from the following aspects:

First, maintain a friendly relationship with search engines. This is a key factor in achieving a stable website ranking. In this regard, it is necessary to understand the changes in Baidu's optimization guide in real time. It is best to improve the internal traffic of the website itself, continuously increase the traffic of the website, and win the trust of Baidu through the number of users. This trust can be maintained.

Second, strengthen and connect closely with high-quality platforms. Baidu's algorithm still pays great attention to the mutual connection between websites. If a brand website has a good relationship with you, Baidu will think that your website has the same characteristics as this brand website, and it will look down on your website. Therefore, as an optimizer, it is necessary to strengthen a close relationship with a high-quality platform, so that it can indirectly maintain a close relationship with Baidu and maintain a good degree of trust.

Third, avoid those unhealthy operations. This method can effectively maintain the corresponding trust for your website. Many websites now publish a large number of advertisements for short-term benefits, but these advertisements are not blocked, which will naturally cause Baidu's resentment and reduce the trust relationship.

Tai'an Seo concluded that the website wants to get a good keyword optimization ranking, then at this time we need to consider the role of Seo technology clearly, we can think from the above aspects, I hope the above content can help everyone.