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"Nanjing seo" What is the difference between seo promotion and seo optimization?

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Today, Wuhan SEO is here to talk with everyone about the difference between SEO promotion and SEO optimization? The difference between SEO and online promotion: Conceptually, online promotion means that an enterprise starts from applying for a domain name, renting space, registering a website, setting up a website, and starting to launch a website.

Today, Nanjing SEO is here to talk with you about the difference between SEO promotion and SEO optimization. The difference between SEO and online promotion: Conceptually, online promotion is when a company starts to apply for a domain name, rent space, register a website, set up a website, and start a website until it is officially launched. The promotion of the Internet refers to various activities through the Internet, such as publicity and promotion. To be precise, this is also a part of Internet marketing, that is, to increase the conversion rate through the promotion of the Internet.


Analyze by nature. SEO includes on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Here, there is no need to repeat the details of on-site optimization. We mainly talk about off-site optimization, because this is also the source of ambiguity. When optimizing off-site, we usually put the work center on the optimization of external links, including the usual: blogs, Weibo links, soft links, forums, know, ask questions and answer links, and the most common friendship links and many more.

However, these are not network promotions, this is only an increase in the number of external links of a website, a higher ranking of the website on search engines, an increase in the number of search engine inclusions, and an increase in website visitors. So how to break through the bottleneck of qualitative change? In order to achieve qualitative change, it must be based on the accumulation of SEO, that is, the "how to change quantitative change into qualitative change." Recognize and learn.

At this time, the reader may have a problem, how to do it?

First, you need website positioning, what business the company operates and what products, the website must correspond to it, and you must consider the later costs and harvest. For example, Mai bag is mainly engaged in fashion luggage, which subdivides products and performs SEO, which works well.

The second is the stage of website construction and SEO. Therefore, SEO is not strictly equivalent to network promotion, and network promotion must go through the SEO stage, otherwise network promotion will lose its own meaning and role.

First, the ultimate purpose of SEO and online promotion is different. The purpose of SEO is to make the site have a better inclusion, better ranking and more traffic. The purpose of online promotion is to let the overall value of a company be displayed on the Internet as a whole.

Second, SEO is to pave the way for online promotion, and online promotion uses the early optimization of SEO and exerts the greatest publicity effect through other non-SEO methods.

Third, SEO and online promotion are different. The object of SEO is the website, and the object of online promotion is the entire business, product, brand and company's overall image.

Nanjing seo summary: The difference between seo promotion and seo optimization lies in the ultimate purpose of SEO and network promotion. The target of SEO and network promotion is different. I believe that everyone understands this through the above introduction, and hope that the above content can help everyone. ,专业优化师为您解答。 If you want to learn more, you can add service QQ: 2885065616 , professional optimizer will answer your questions.