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"Shanghai seo" keyword ranking stabilization method

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Today, Shanghai SEO is here to explore with you about the stable keyword ranking method. We know that a website wants to improve the ranking, then we need to do a lot of work in the early stage. When our work is in line with SEO optimization, beyond Our peers so that we can rank up.

稳定的方法,我们知道一个网站想要提升排名,那么我们在前期需要做大量的工作,当我们所做的工作是符合seo优化的,超越我们的同行,这样就可以排名上来,但是排名是一个不断调整的过程,如果我们不去管,可能又会掉下来,那么接下来上海seo公司就为大家介绍如何稳定排名。 Today, Shanghai SEO is here to explore with you about the stable keyword ranking method. We know that a website wants to improve the ranking, then we need to do a lot of work in the early stage. When our work is in line with SEO optimization, beyond Our peers can rank up this way, but the ranking is a process of continuous adjustment. If we don't manage it, it may fall again, then Shanghai Seo Company will introduce how to stabilize the ranking.


1. Mining user needs

If a corporate website wants to ensure that it cannot rank or even continue to improve its ranking, it is necessary to tap user needs, and then optimize its SEO to meet user needs and solve their problems. Only in this way can corporate websites Continue to have good rankings on search engines. Shanghai seo company summed up three methods: first of all, to find the location of the website, that is, website positioning. Secondly, long-tail keywords need to be mined. The role of long-tail keywords is to bring rich user traffic to the website, which is the basis of website traffic. Finally, we must understand what users need and provide users with the content they want to see or have value. Content in order to retain users and meet their search needs.

2.Analyze competitors' websites

When corporate websites do not know how to find their optimization problems and do not know how to stabilize website rankings, they can adjust their optimization by analyzing the practices of competitors' websites, and then combine their actual conditions to stabilize website rankings. If a competitor is doing well, they must learn how to maintain their ranking on the search engine over such a long optimization time. Is it optimized from the content of the website or from the links on the website? Or do they guarantee the frequency of article updates?

3. Need to adjust keywords

As the needs and preferences of users are constantly changing, the website keywords that are selected and set on the corporate website at the beginning may not meet the current user needs and preferences. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable ranking of the website, the company must meet the needs of the users. Instead, adjust website keywords. There are many ways to adjust keywords. The best way is to use website links, website titles, or tags to help companies adjust the appropriate keywords.

4.Improve the quality of external links

You can choose to post on some of the more well-known major platforms or forums. Although the friendship link is also very important, this is a tedious task that requires constant adjustment and replacement. Therefore, it is recommended to develop more external links to attract spiders to include.

5. Keep your website content original

I believe most SEOERs understand how important the website content is to a website's seo! Shanghai optimization company still has to remind you, original, original, original! The website is regularly updated and the updated content needs to be original. As for why, this is related to the mechanism and conditions of engine spiders' crawling data of major search engines.

6, keep the optimization moderate

。 Many people have more or less ideas for quick success when optimizing a website, and this idea can easily lead to excessive website optimization . Excessive website optimization is the focus of many website rankings. The possibility of website optimization is very high. It may be keyword stuffing or excessive website optimization. Website optimization must be moderate, regular, and step-by-step, and develop a high-quality website plan, so as to effectively prevent excessive.

7. Adjust website structure

Site structure also affects the ranking of a site to a certain extent. Search engines and users browsing the site are definitely affected by the structure of the website. If the structure of the website is not good, there will be certain problems when users and search engines browse. For example, the navigation of the website cannot guide users to browse, and the users cannot accurately find the information they need in the website.

Why do keyword rankings fall?

First, the website is maliciously attacked. The malicious attack, tampering, and hanging horses mentioned here will make the search engines suspect that we are dangerous websites and will definitely not give us a good ranking. This requires us to strengthen the defense of the website. , Such as code perfection, firewall and so on.

Second, the website optimization efforts are not enough, the rankings are up, they are busy converting, and their website links are not checked, but the competitors have been catching up. This is the best situation, as long as we restore our key Word optimization efforts will go up.

3. Excessive keyword optimization, new search engine algorithm updates, and website recruitment. This was directly judged to be cheating. Rankings and weights plummeted instantly. For example, the latest Baidu's breeze algorithm and thunder algorithm, etc., have become cliff-like. Yes, so pay more attention to the latest algorithm updates.

,专业优化师为您解答。 The above is the reason why Shanghai Seo introduced the instability of keyword ranking based on its actual combat experience. I hope everyone can pay attention to these issues. If you have any doubts, you can add services to QQ: 2885065616 , a professional optimizer will answer your questions.