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The relationship between the domain name of Jiangsu seo and optimization

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Recently, many SEO technicians are mining old domain names, so we think that they must have their purpose to do so. This is fast ranking. A good old domain name can make our website quickly participate in keyword ranking and website optimization. One of the methods is the relationship between the old domain name and optimization.

Recently, many SEO technicians are mining old domain names, so we think that they must have their purpose to do so. This is fast ranking. A good old domain name can make our website quickly participate in keyword ranking and website optimization. What is the relationship between the old domain name and optimization of one of the methods? Let ’s take a look together.


Search ranking specialist tells you the relationship between domain name and website optimization

There may be new webmasters who are not very clear about the relationship between domain names and website optimization. In fact, the choice of domain names has an important impact and meaning on the development of website companies. A good domain name not only makes it easy for netizens to remember, but also for the brand of the company. Publicity plays a very important role. In fact, the domain name is also a necessary element to measure the role of SEO. Although the impact on the role of SEO is not great, we still need to consider these factors, which will be more conducive to the optimization of the website later. So what domain name is good for website optimization?

When registering a domain name, first look for a domain name related to the theme. Chinese Pinyin is the first choice. Secondly, select the English combination and choose the shorter one if possible.

1. Select the domain name based on the theme of the website or region. Before registering a domain name, you must determine the theme for the website, and choose a relevant domain name based on the theme or region of the website. If you are from Henan, you can use Henan's area code, you can use yuming as a website prefix for domain name registration, and so on.

2. The shorter the domain name, the better. The shorter the domain name, the better the memory. If the domain name is registered, you can go to the domain name registrar to register, as long as the domain name has not been registered can be registered, but pay attention to the later renewal, otherwise the domain name you painstakingly run may be registered by others.

3. The suffix of the com.cn.org.net.gov.edu domain name is also important for SEO. usually. gov.edu non-governmental, educational organizations are not authorized to register, but. The gov.edu domain name has the highest weight. The com.org.gov international domain name is better than the domestic domain name. net.cn.com.cn.org.cn, mainly for reasons of reputation cost.

4. The preferred theme keyword is Hanyu Pinyin, followed by the English keyword. The domain name of Shuangpin is basically gone now, and the method of Shuangpin + digital is advocated, and the domain name of Spell is slowly starting to register. In addition, it is advocated to register a set of domain names at one time, which can prevent it from becoming larger in the future, and other domain names will be skyrocketed after being registered by others.

5, the choice of domain name registrar, general corporate website construction, domain name registration is also included in outsourcing services, that is, the domain name is registered with the website construction company, the annual cost in the future will also find your website construction company.

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future, high cost renewal of website construction companies, and domain name security issues, it is recommended to carefully choose a domain name registrar. Generally, website construction companies are also small domain name registration agents at best. When the domain name is transferred illegally, the domain name is transferred illegally, or when a dispute occurs between the two parties, the website construction company has absolute control over the website domain name, leaving the hospital in a passive state. In the early stage of website construction, carefully selecting a domain name registrar should not neglect the work. The hospital can directly choose a Chinese top domain name registrar such as Xinwang to register a domain name, which can fully control the domain name independently.

6, the domain name registration time is not as long as possible. Every time a search engine crawls a website, it will crawl the whois information of its domain name, because the whois information of the domain name involves such things as registration time, expiration time, and so on.

(1) Some people believe that the longer the domain name registration time, the higher the search engine weight. However, it is not. Because the search engine's credibility of the domain name is calculated from the time the domain name is indexed.

(2) The longer a search engine collects a website, the higher its credibility, so some people buy a domain name + program to save time and money in optimizing rankings. In fact, as far as the website is concerned, in terms of the current development speed, it has little impact.

Through the above introduction, we can clearly know that the old domain name has an advantage over the new domain name, that is, the trust value problem. The old domain name has been a website before, so it is remembered by Baidu, and the new domain name is like a blank. Paper, so we do website optimization and choose the old domain name can quickly improve keyword ranking.