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"Shenzhen seo" daily analysis of seo commissioner

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In fact, for a seo commissioner, the daily work is repeated, but the effect is not obvious. This is because we do not have a rigorous plan to carry out, so the effect achieved is not very good, such as us What should you do if you want to use the keyword “Seo in Shenzhen”

In fact, for a seo commissioner, the daily work is repeated, but the effect is not obvious. This is because we do not have a rigorous plan to carry out, so the effect achieved is not very good, such as us To do the keyword " shenzhen seo ", how should you operate this keyword, how to plan, what is the time, and then we will explore this topic.


First, is SEO still useful?

Not long ago, when discussing SEO issues in the SEO group, one of my friends said that SEO is out of date and has no future. At the same time, many friends also expressed similar views, but in my personal opinion, SEO is never out of date. Only the gameplay in each period is different.

Early SEO, as long as you can work hard, you can get a good ranking with or without technology, but the rapid development of the Internet and the changes of Baidu are obvious to everyone. If you still do not think about the change, relying on the old-fashioned method to operate will definitely not get Good ranking. So, how should the daily work content of the SEO specialist be planned?

Second, the daily work of SEO commissioners

Let's share the daily work of my early SEO commissioner here and see if there is your shadow in it.

① Check the index through the seit command, and see if the content posted by the website yesterday was indexed by the search engine;

② Through Baidu statistics (or CNZZ, etc.), check the traffic situation of the website yesterday;

③ In the webmaster tool, check the recent changes in website weights (by the way, check the YouChain);

④ Search for keywords to see if the ranking has increased;

⑤ Find some materials and start pseudo-original (CTRL + C / CTRL + V) to complete today's content update task;

⑥ Publish the updated content in the website to several external chain platforms that have been found before and do external chain construction;

⑦Expand the existing external chain publishing platform and try to post on the newly mined external chain platform;

⑧Occasionally look at the website logs to see the spider crawling situation, whether there are abnormal IP access to the website;

⑨Open the webmaster community / search outside Q & A, talk to everyone about SEO, and see what SEO Daniel is saying;

⑩Refresh the website, refresh the website, refresh the website ... (think of what you must do tomorrow);

So, how should SEO specialists plan their daily work content? What should be the performance indicators of SEO personnel?

Third, the work indicators of SEO staff

No purpose is absolutely not allowed for SEO! When doing SEO, you must first know what effect you want, and then divide the target plan into short-term goals and long-term goals for planning and step-by-step execution. Generally, Shenzhen SEO recommends that the short-term goal is one week, and the long-term goal is half a year to one year. Each month needs to analyze the work situation, compare the actual effect with the target effect, analyze the deficiencies, and optimize it.

Long-term goals, such as:

①Plan website keyword vocabulary and anticipate target value;

② How many articles need to be published for the website keyword thesaurus;

③ How many outbound links can be built and how many different outbound sources?

④According to whether the company's products (or services) need to operate a self-media account, which account is mainly used for diversion or to increase brand exposure;

⑤ How much does the website weight increase in half a year (or one year), and how much accurate traffic reaches;

Short-term goals, such as:

① How much the keyword target ranking has increased this week;

② Ascending the ranking to the target position requires the daily update of the amount of content, the core direction of the article content;

③ How much the content collection rate has increased this week;

。 Shenzhen seo summary: In addition to completing the daily work of the SEO commissioner, at a certain interval, we all need to conduct a summary and review to prepare for the next short-term goal. We must have a purpose in doing seo In other words, how long does it take for us to achieve what effect? What do we need to do in this process? As a seo commissioner, a solid foundation is more important. It is recommended that you read: how to learn seo technology on its own . Hope the above content can let everyone know more information.