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Shenzhen website construction company regularly do website security maintenance

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According to the type of website server, determine the type of database, which does not mean that you must program data or the like. You only need to do a daily backup of the database. If you encounter an emergency, you can do it quickly. Database recovery is fine.

Shenzhen Website Construction Company regularly performs website security maintenance.

1. Server protection for websites

In general, if there is not a lot of website traffic, the details can be determined according to the actual situation, but the only thing to remember is that you need to buy an independent IP.

2.About the protection of the database

According to the type of server for foreign trade website construction , the type of database is determined, which does not mean that data programming or the like is necessary. It is only necessary to make a daily backup of the database. If an emergency occurs, it can be quickly Do a good job of database recovery.


3. Do security management on the website regularly

Check the website for any abnormalities, links, etc.

4. Website content updates

Top priority, many portal professional websites, at least 10 people modify the website and update it daily. For most small and medium enterprises, at least one website modification can be organized to serve as daily website content updates and keywords Optimization, and update planning of pictures, and the addition of company products.

5. Develop related protection systems

In addition to making regular website database backups and updates, you also need to work out regular website announcements, better content, and layout updates for layout pictures.

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