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Four factors affecting keyword search rankings

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四大因素。 Today I will introduce four major factors related to keyword search ranking .

I. Reasonable Website Architecture

The website architecture is the fundamental part of SEO. It is primarily related to the streamlining of the website code, directory structure, web page entry, website bounce rate, etc. A reasonable architecture can allow search engines to better grasp the content of the website and also give visitors a comfortable visit Experience. If the impact on the site is not great, for example, in real life, you drive to a local place to eat food, but after going there, you find that the road there is round and round and there are no reasonable road signs. You can't find it for half an hour. At this time, you must be on fire. There is nothing to eat. You just want to get out of this maze early. The farther you are from the better. So if the website structure is not reasonable, search engines will not like it, and users will not like it.

Second, the keyword presentation of the website

Website keywords are presented at least once in TITLE, keywords, deion, and content, and they are presented in order from left to right, top to top, and strong to weak. The reason is that this placement is determined by the way that Baidu spider crawls the website. The good thing is that the keywords given in front rank Baidu are important and have certain priority in Baidu ranking. Therefore, we must reasonably arrange the position of keywords on the website, which will help to optimize the ranking of keywords that are difficult to optimize.

Third, quality content

The content is the foundation of the website. If there is no good content, there will be no repeat customers. If you do well in other aspects, it will be in vain, just like a restaurant with a good location, beautiful decoration, and good service. But in terms of SEO, good content is shown to both users and search engines. A good SEO case worker can find the common ground of both.

Fourth, high-quality external links

Although the effect of external links is decreasing, it is for websites that have been crawled by search engines. He only needs to do a good job of content to get a good ranking. But for many new stations, how can a search engine find you without an external chain bait? But this external chain bait should be of high quality, and high quality should start from relevance and authority. This is like a restaurant. If you print a lot of leaflets and send them out, this is like a waste external link in our search engine, boasting itself, it may not be credible. But if we can get a report from a newspaper, TV, or food writer, then we will definitely trust him as a restaurant worth spending. High-quality external links can help websites quickly get out of the new station inspection period, which is extremely helpful for rapidly improving SEO rankings.

The above is the summary experience of keyword search ranking .