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How to find six details of keywords

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Today I will talk about the six details of how to find keywords.

First, establish a good keyword library

Before doing ASO, first set up a keyword library for your product. In the first phase, you don't have to think too much about what keywords you should use. If you are lazy, you can just pull down the keywords for competing products, and then At that time, it was popular to get the keywords together, and set up a set of essential keyword libraries for your own products . Later in the verification, classification adjustments and optimizations were gradually carried out and new additions were made.

Second, keep replacing keywords to gradually verify

If the keyword database is ready, then start to verify these required keywords. The query heat of one issue at a time will continue to be verified by replacing the ambitious off-the-shelf new words. It is critical to continuously optimize the high popularity in the gradual update Word, after all, I get a relatively stable high-heated keyword structure.

Third, the rhythm of the keyword update protection

Because AppStore's need for keyword updates follows version updates, it can't be done anytime and anywhere like SEO. Although the review speed of AppStore has now been greatly improved, it still takes two or three days.

Fourth, pay attention to talk

Talking is also a point that ASO should pay attention to, which is mainly to reach the intent of influence through the keywords in the discussion.

Fifth, the foreign AppStore

Foreign AppStores can generally give certain attention, such as Japan, the US, Australia, etc. Although the search volume in the foreign area itself is very small and may not be available, fortunately, there is almost no large-scale For keyword optimization, as long as you do it, it is possible to reach your optimization intent. Other key keywords optimization in foreign areas is said to have a certain impact on the ranking and popularity of the mainland region. For example, the key keywords in the Japanese region are good, and they have the necessary popularity to assist the key keywords in the mainland region.

Points to note

In the APP profile, you can try to show some big companies or big product names, which may have unexpected timing and effects. Do n’t choose overheated words, it ’s not necessary, because we are all playing with this word, we ca n’t rush to the front when the volume is small, because in the same keyword ranking, the AppStore is based on the download amount. , So there is no need to waste time and energy on this kind of timeless buzzword. Do n’t repeat the title, the keywords, and the introduction. Repeating a keyword repeatedly will not bring about any significant effect. Instead, it will occupy the character position of the repeated word, and waste more opportunities.

关键词搜索排名 的总结经验。 The above is the summary experience of keyword search ranking .