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[Quick Ranking] How to Correctly Update Seo Website Articles

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Phils Technology has paid attention to seo for many years, and concluded that it can also achieve a fast ranking effect in optimizing articles, because each article is a new page. If we can optimize a new page,

Phils Technology has paid attention to seo for many years, and concluded that it can also achieve a fast ranking effect in optimizing articles, because each article is a new page. If we can optimize a new page, we can use new The page is used to deploy keywords to speed up the ranking of keywords. Let us consider this issue.


First, word frequency and density

The keywords in the text involve several concepts. One is term frequency, which is the number of times a keyword appears. One is the density of keywords, that is, the number of times a keyword appears divided by the total number of words visible on the page. At the same time, the simplest way to determine the relevance of a page to a keyword is to use more keywords and increase the frequency of words. The more relevant the page is to this keyword. However, the term frequency concept does not consider content length.

The importance of the first 50-100 words

As an SEO person, I believe that you all know that keywords appearing in the first 50-100 words of the text have a higher weight. It is usually recommended that keywords appear in the first sentence of the first paragraph of text. This is also natural. The inevitable result of writing. At the beginning of the article, the point must be pointed out, and it must contain keywords. The next two or three keywords appear in the argument section, the keywords appear at the end, and the visible text optimization of an SEO article page is completed.

Third, keyword variations

When writing the content of the page, you can properly incorporate the variations of keywords, including synonyms, synonyms, and different names of the same thing. For example, computer and computer are synonymous and can appear crosswise on the page.

Four, keyword group proximity

When writing title tags and body text, pay attention to the proximity of the target keyword group, that is, when keywords can be segmented, the keyword group should appear on the page completely and sequentially several times, especially important positions, such as the target keyword is "SEO method" means that the "SEO method" appears on the page in its entirety, instead of separating "SEO" and "method" and appearing on the page. Baidu has higher requirements for the occurrence of complete keyword matching than Google.

V. Splitting of Phrases

When a search term can be segmented, not only does the search term have to completely match the most weighted position on the page, the split words can also appear individually in the body several times. Assuming the target keyword is "SEO optimization forum", In Baidu, for example, the word will be segmented into two words, "SEO optimization" and "forum." The important position of the page must not only completely match the six words "SEO optimization forum", it is suggested that "SEO optimization" and "forum" can also appear separately (not connected together) several times. !

Six, semantic analysis

The difference between algorithms and people is that people can directly understand the meaning of words and articles, but algorithms cannot understand. When people see the word "apple", they know that they are referring to that round, juicy, and delicious fruit, but search engines cannot understand what an apple is emotionally.

Seven, category page description text

Most website homepages and final products are not difficult to optimize into article pages. There are enough internal customers to arrange keywords. The name or article title is actually duplicate content of the product or specific information page, which causes the category page to lack its own unique content.

Eight, typography and user experience

Provide high-quality original content, attractive reading writing methods, highlight selling points, enhance trust, guide entry behavior and other content considerations. Layout and other aspects should also consider how to improve the user experience, including:

1. The layout is reasonable, clear and beautiful, and the font and background are easy to read.

2. The actual content is at the most important position of the page, and users can see it at a glance.

3. The substance and advertisement can be clearly distinguished.

4. The first screen has substantive content, instead of needing to pull down the page to see it.

5. The number of advertisements should not be too much, and the location should not prevent users from reading.

6. If pictures and videos help users understand the content of the page, try to make pictures and videos.

7. Avoid too many pop-up windows.

In summary, when we update the website article, we need to consider some of the more important points above. This is conducive to the fast ranking of keywords on our website. Thinking from the perspective of user search engines, that effect It will be obvious that I hope the above methods and points can help everyone.