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Three aspects of keyword search ranking

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Today I will talk about the three major aspects of keyword search rankings, which are of vital importance to us. Let ’s take a look.

Today I will talk about the three major aspects of keyword search rankings :

I. Policy keywords

The purpose of the policy keyword is to allow consumers to directly search your website for search terms. It is conceivable that such keywords have a lot of e-commerce competitors. It is necessary to obtain the position of the page on such keywords, regardless The difficulty and cost are appropriately high. Moreover, the quality of such a wide range of keyword traffic may not be high and will not bring good conversion value.

Second, long tail keywords

Long-tail keywords refer to many non-primary keywords, and accumulating these small traffic is a huge keyword, it is possible to exceed the total traffic of the primary keyword, maybe only ten clicks a month, but long and many Accumulated, can bring obvious help to the website. However, the emphasis of long-tail keywords does not represent the length of the keywords, but extends to related keywords in addition to the primary policy keywords. After grasping the long-tail principle, you can grasp the timing.

Website Keyword Structure

The beginning of SEO optimization is to clearly record every page of information on the website, especially the page title, profile, keywords, etc. After discussing the keywords, you must logically record the keyword structure intact. Whether it is SEO or advertising, you must have a good structure. If the settings in the site have not been structured well, even if it is sufficient for other SEO optimization projects Kung Fu will not bring good results.

The above is the experience of keyword search rankings .