Whole station optimization, SEO optimization technology

Search engine optimization method

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的基本内容和方法 Basic content and methods of search engine optimization

Website structure optimization

① A reasonable website structure is reflected in the following aspects:

u Column structure and level: clear and concise (within 8 first-level columns and less than 3 levels)

u URL level: short, static (within four levels)

u Assisted navigation: no missing links, wrong links

u Site map: all important sections and sub-sections are presented and the links are correct

u Internal links: links to important pages multiple times (related articles, LOGO, etc.)

u Web page layout: Information placement conforms to the “F” phenomenon of user attention

② Features of a reasonable website column structure:

u Through the homepage, you can reach the homepage of any first-level column, the first-level column and the final content page;

u You can return to the previous level page and return to the home page step by step through any web page;

u The main column is clear and unified throughout the station;

u Each page has an auxiliary navigation and there are no missing links or wrong links;

u You can enter the homepage of any first-level column through any webpage;

u If there are many product categories / information categories, it is necessary to design a special catalog or increase the search function on the site;

u Design a website map showing the links between the various sections and pages on the site;

u One click through the homepage of the website can directly reach some of the most important content pages (such as core products, user help, website introduction, etc.);

u You can enter any content page through up to 3 clicks on any web page.

2. Website content optimization

Website content optimization includes web page header design, web page META design, reasonable design of website content keywords, reasonable keywords and reasonable links. The main indicators of website content optimization include:

v Each page has a separate page title that outlines the main content of the page, and each page title should contain valid keywords;

v Each webpage should have an independent META tag (keyword and webpage description) that reflects the content of the webpage;

v The main content of each web page should contain an appropriate amount of effective keyword text information and be centered on the user experience.

v Some important keywords should be kept relatively stable in the webpage.