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The role of search engine optimization

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Keyword ranking is a way to reflect the ranking of a web page by the relevance of words, phrases, and phrases in the search results of a search engine. It can be divided into two categories: natural keyword ranking and keyword bidding ranking services provided by search engines. It is based on the long-term summary of search engine inclusion and ranking rules. Natural keyword ranking is generally the embodiment of automatic analysis and automatic ranking of search engine crawling results of all relevant web pages. Generally, keyword ranking can be improved through SEO optimization technology. Keyword bidding ranking service is a paid ranking service provided by search engines. For example, Baidu's "bid position" is one of them.

(seo)方式,使您网站的关键词在搜索引擎自然排名中靠前。 Optimization: Keyword ranking optimization refers to using various search engine optimization (SEO) methods to make your website's keywords top in the natural ranking of search engines. Users search for related keywords through search engines, such as electric cars, pearls, pearls, etc. There are only a maximum of 10 websites in the world on the left in the natural ranking on the left, and these rankings are sorted according to parameters such as website relevance and importance Yes, very fair. That cannot be bought with money. Your high ranking means that your influence in the industry is far more than your peers.

Role: Simply put, certain keywords (such as the key phrases of a company's website, such as product names, industry-related terms, and other phrases that are used a lot) are ranked in a favorable position for search engines. Rely on this to increase the number of website visitors, attract more target customers to visit, to achieve the role of marketing and promotion.