Speedbird Cloud


Speedbird Cloud is a network promotion and optimization service brand of Shenzhen Feersi Network Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on keyword ranking and promotion of SME website optimization.

Speedbird Cloud Products mainly focuses on search engine optimization marketing promotion services, including: marketing website construction, whole station optimization, SEM fast ranking, research and development of marketing systems and marketing tools; committed to search engine marketing processization, digitalization, intelligence, Large-scale research, exploration and practice. Speedbird Cloud Products was the first to launch a search engine ranking marketing system in 2014, and was fully upgraded in 2017. The emergence of this system has greatly enhanced the work efficiency of search engine optimization companies, and has taken the lead in implementing a search engine optimization pay-for-effect model in the country.

Speedbird Cloud Products provides customers with intelligent optimization and promotion services, so that customers have low investment and high return marketing methods. We currently serve more than 500 companies, and we will serve you with 100% enthusiasm.

Our slogan: Make website optimization and promotion easier, faster and more efficient!

Technical team

Product demand analysis

In-depth analysis of industry penetration and customer needs

SEO technology innovation

In-depth SEO research and optimization technology innovation

Rapid ranking system development

PC and mobile terminal control in real time

Artificial intelligence big data analysis

Mining massive long tail accurate keywords


Advantages of the Superbird Cloud Platform


One-stop service innovation model such as website establishment, optimization, ranking, and improvement of conversion


Optimize ranking and promote multi-terminal synchronization


Original WeChat public account ranking automatic reporting system, check rankings to see consumption anywhere


Mobile phone self-service order system website optimization rankings do what you want


WeChat self-service order system, optimized ranking is more intimate


Optimized ranking system new ODM model


One-click support WeChat push mode on behalf of customers


Brand new word before billing, invalid refund mode


New one-stop service for internet marketing promotion


A large number of innovative and exquisite corporate templates and high-value tools are free to use